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Laura Boston Thek Imagery bio picture

Come Wander Along with Me...

I is simply what I do.  Since I was a young girl, my parent's tried everything to keep me close to home, going to such  measures as to buy me goats.  Though I loved my goats, my heart still  wandered.  

Growing up in rural New Jersey, I was surrounded by dense woods and long stretches of farm land to fuel my imagination.   I felt at home in the arms of the forest and spent many days laying upon the fragrant mossy soil staring up through the filter of leaves... watching the light dance.  It is these experiences that I work to remember.

In adulthood, I discovered the joy of capturing those precious moments, through my camera's lens.  Though the many years in between my youth and the present, I have enjoyed many wonderful adventures and am currently wandering in another people's land.  For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of living in Europe and learning to look at life in a very different way.   

Through my images and my wanderings, I hope you will enjoy seeing the world around you... in a new way.

So...I invite you to "Come Wander Along with Me..."

A Visit with the Local Spargel Pickers

Spargel workers 2010 3sigsm A Visit with the Local Spargel Pickers

I have very mixed emotions about Photographing the workers who pick the fields around my village. I am captivated by the color they bring to the fields and am concerned for their living conditions. A few times now I have wandered up and started a conversation only to be made VERY uncomfortable by what I can only guess is the German foremen on the job. Perhaps they fear I am from the German workers union or something. Anyway, as much as I love to capture these bucolic scenes I fear I am objectifying them.

Many do not speak German and certainly not English, so our communications are through gestures and stammeringly painful German. A smile being an international language.

We were out back in the fields photographing the fields of poppies when we came upon this group of hard working men, picking the days spargel, (white asparagus). They kindly permitted me to take a few photos…I showed great restraint and left them to their labors. I could easily have spent the morning shooting all the many details, but I have to know to respect them and their work. Clover and I wandered off smiling…leaving them in peace.

June 12, 2010 - 12:34 Phil Vaughn - There's something about work that's "close to the soil" which is attractive to us even if we contract people to do it for us. Change just a few of the particulars and this could have been in the USA...with the possible exception of the poppies perhaps. Nice little series, Laura.

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